Record Baby's Heartbeat

We can record your little one's heartbeat starting as soon as 10 weeks! Keep and cherish your baby's heartbeat for the rest of eternity.

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Having a Boy or a Girl?

We know that most of you want to know what you are having as soon as you can! Did you know that we are able to tell gender as early as 15 weeks!

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Ultrasound Packages

We have 2D/3D/4D/HD Ultrasound packages to meet your needs! Call us to find out more information about our packages.

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Welcome to Hide & Seek

Prenatal Peek Ultrasound Studio

Thank you for choosing Hide & Seek Prenatal Peek for your 3D/4D/HD ultrasound experience. Our goal is to give you a wonderful and amazing session to help celebrate the beautiful addition to your family. The technology has grown so much over the years, that now you can truly see what your baby looks like as they grow in your womb. When adding in 4D (motion) ultrasound imaging, it is like their personalities really come to life. Watching them suck their thumbs, wave hello, yawn, and blink their get a memorable experience of pure bonding when seeing them on the screen.

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About Us

There are so many benefits of having a 3D/4D/HD experience including deep family bonding with your baby, celebrating the momentous occasion of your baby entering the world, maternal feeling of well-being, and its a great way for a sibling to understand the very abstract process of pregnancy through the use of a strong visual which makes sense to them.

When a sibling views the new baby through the use of ultrasound, it gives them a sense of what’s coming and honestly starts a beautiful life long cohesive sibling relationship all before their sibling is even born.

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More Info

An added benefit is the owner and operator of the studio is an ARDMS registered OB/GYN sonographer with vast amount of prenatal imaging experience. So you can be rest assured you are in great hands to not only have a beautiful bonding experience but also a safe one. I could go on and one about all the amazing aspects of our 3D/4D ultrasound services but really, if you are on this website, you are already curious about your precious little one or you wouldn’t be here. So call us today at Hide & Seek Prenatal Peek and we can help customize your session so you will have a lasting and wonderful memorable experience that you will cherish for years to come.

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